The Supers: 3rd Best Super Hero Team in the World!

"Chris Morris does a great job making sure the stories flow smoothly and without too much hang up. Character dynamics are astounding and their interpersonal relationships are easy to see and feel as tangible factors of them and their team..." Sirens of Sequentials review 11/1/18

THE SUPERS: 3rd Best Superhero Team in the world #1

Hi there, this is THE COMPLETE preview of issue #1 of "The Supers: 3rd Best Superhero Team in the World!"  Enjoy what we have so far, the entire 27 page story (with almost no dialogue; gotta keep you wanting more!) are here to scroll through.  Enjoy the art of the super-talented Ricky Gunawan!  To order a full copy, (dialogue included, plus the backup stories, fun one-pagers and all!) click "Buy Stuff" above...