UPDATE: 3/11/17 New pages are up!  Page 21 is up and Page 22 in black and white!  Check them out in the "The Supers #1" page!!!


THE MAKING OF THE SUPERS #1 is ongoing.  We are currently (as of 2/1/17) working on Page 21!  We are getting close to the end of this 1st part of this journey!  The biggest decisions have yet to come (whether or not to offer the comic online AND in print; how to get it printed and where; how to get it in the right hands; how many pages is enough?  22?  26?  32?  84????) but with the finish line within reach, I'm getting more and more excited about the possibility of this actually becoming a reality!  Stay tuned!

The Supers #1 Page 20!  Art by Ricky Gunawan

The Supers #1 Page 20!  Art by Ricky Gunawan



Here you will find one man's journey to create the comic book of his dreams. Through the trials and tribulations that make up the terrifying and vicious landscape of the comic book publishing world, our hero (me) Christopher Morris will destroy the gate keeper, crush the three-eyed monster, and answer the riddles three before finally saving the princess from the tallest tower and  . . . I've lost my train of thought . . .

What you'll find here are links to my blog, art work, comic book samples, and character profiles of my yet-to-be published comic book - THE SUPERS: The 3rd Best Super-Team in the World! - as I endeavour to find a publishing home for it and rise to comic book fame and fortune!

Stand aside, world, here I come!